Cone crushers

Hypro-Crush HMC series is designed to provide maximum production with superior performance giving a high quality product, reliability and economical running costs. This machine has a heavy robust cast steel base and fabricated body.

With a forged high tensile main shaft and cast steel eccentric,it is driven by mollycast steel, case hardened and carburized bevel wheel pinions.

The small bevelled pinion is fitted to a forged high tensile steel counter-shaft and is driven by a cast iron Vee-rope drive pulley. Mantle and bowl liners are cast from high quality manganese steel to ensure longer life.

An automatic hydraulic tramp iron quick-release and re-setting system reduces the possibility of internal damage and downtime. Adjustment is easily carried out by hydraulic motors that rotate the bowl to the required setting. Fitted throughout with oil pressure lubricated bronze bushes, this ensures minimum maintenance at low cost. PLC control is optional.

Models and Capacities (T/h) at Close Side Settings

All Capacities are based on material weighing 1600 Kg per cubic metre,the crusher being control fed with proper feed distribution, crushing chamber selection and the correct grading of material being processed. Capacities will vary depending on the nature and moisture content of the material.

Variation in specifications alter with Crusher Cavity Selection