TKS Series Horizontal Vibrating Screens

The TKS Series Horizontal Vibrating Screen is a robust structured unit of high capacity and efficiency fitted with 3 shaft adjustable dual amplitude frequency.  

Horizontal Vibrating Screen
Horizontal vibrating screen

Advantages of TKS Series Horizontal Vibrating Screens

  • The tri-axle drive elliptical motion is both suitable on inclined and linear vibrating screens.  The elliptical trajectory and amplitude are adjustable.  The vibrating trajectory will be adjusted to suit the type of material.

  •  High capacity / frequency, dual amplitude (14-18mm), vibrating angle (30-60°), adjustable frequency (744-854 RPM)

  •  The tri-axle is beneficial by reducing stress of the complete frame of the screen and bearing load spread.

  • The TKS Series tri-axle horizontal vibrating screen is most suitable for the installation where low headroom and high screening capacity is a priority.

  • Mounted on rubber suspension for smooth start up and shut down.  Minimum load and vibration to the support structure or foundation.  Low noise and long life service.

Horizontal vibrating screen

Models & Specification

TKS Horizontal vibrating screen

YK Inclined Vibrating Screen

The YK Inclined Vibrating Screen is a heavy duty reinforced steel framed twin shaft unit suitable to handle minus 200mm material in the mine and quarrying industry.

Inclined Vibrating Screen

YKR Inclined Vibrating Screen

The YKR Inclined Vibrating Screen is a heavy duty reinforced steel framed single shaft unit suitable to handle minus 300mm material in the mine and quarrying industry.

Inclined Vibrating Screen

Models & Specification

YK Screen models.jpg

Hypro-Screen ® IVS Series

Inclined Vibrating Screen

Inclined Vibrating Screen

Hypro-Screen IVS Series is a heavy duty, robust machine enabling efficient screening with high output and accurate sizing. It provides constant amplitude, which enhances the performance and efficiency of the screen, ensuring optimum reliability and low operating costs. A wide range of screens are available in static or mobile units.

This single shaft four bearing screen offers positive vibration, and ensures rapid spread and stratification of the product.

The Hypro-Screens can be mounted horizontally at either 12° or 20°. The direction of the shaft can be reversed according to the angle and inclination of the duty. This versatility makes the range suitable for handling rock, gravel, coal or such without major adjustments or alterations.

The integral electric motor Vee belt drive, which can be arranged on either side of the screen, eliminates the need for additional structure.

The inner frame is of a welded steel construction with suitably braced sides bored to accommodate the inner bearing housings and bolted to the side panels.

International standard, heavy duty, double-row, self-aligning bearings are fitted to housings on either side of the inner frame and by plummer block on the underframe. All bearings are sealed against dust and moisture by carefully machined labyrinths. Grease nipples are provided for lubrication purposes.

Models & Specification

Inclined table.png
Inclined table2.png

Heavy Duty Scalping Screens

Models & Specification

Heavy duty scalping screen table.png