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Hypro-Feed ® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

The Hypro-Feed VGF is ideally suited for the application prior to a Primary Crusher, where the double drop bar grizzly section removes undersize or contaminated material, increasing throughput and preventing unnecessary wear or overloading the crusher. Of robust construction to cater for heavy-duty applications the horizontal pan section is fitted with 10 mm thick Hardox steel renewable liners. It is fitted with grizzly bars that are interchangeable and manufactured from high quality abrasion resistant cast steel, being of tapered design and are individually replaceable.

Feeders are powered by two out-of-balance side mounted vibrating motors, each having individual overload protection at a range for both to cut-out should one overload.

High impact loading shocks associated with run-of-quarry rock absorbed by specially designed low stress springs carrying the feeder,which also provide high degrees of isolation of vibration from the superstructure.

The vibrating motors offer the minimum of moving parts, ease of maintenance and low cost running between periods of servicing – dust proof and weather proof, totally enclosed with no belts, gears or shafts. An electrical variable Feed control system is also available.

Feeders can also be supplied with a twin gear driven eccentric shaft vibrating unit fitted,and powered direct by hydraulic motor or electrically driven through V-belt drive.

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